Funniest Facebook “snow day” statuses and pictures

The winter storm has finally hit the Clackamas County. For students, the storm of Facebook statuses and pictures has arrived with twice the impact. Here are some of the funniest Facebook statuses and pictures posted as of this morning.


Lauren Huttala, freshman:

“Okay, let’s get this straight. School’s not canceled? I mean, I’m looking out my window wondering what possessed bus driver would drive in that…”


Madison Smith, sophomore:

“So….the bus never picked me up….and I saw a bus slide…yeah great idea of having school.”


Emily McDonald, junior:

“Send snow pics to the superintendent. Not even kidding. [email protected]


Jake Kent, senior:

“Someone should take the bullet and crash on their way down from the hill to the school and be like, ‘We told you soo…’”


Jacob Arrigotti, sophomore:

“Look at all this snow!  :/ Lower elevation living sucks.”

Lukas Steirer, junior:

“This is a joke…the snowflakes are the size of nickels…”

Sam Dawson, senior:

“How the heck is there still school?”