Warm Golden Sky-Return of Happiness



Warm Golden Sky-original watercolor painting by Kaelin Kehm

Warm Golden Sky

By Quinn Calhoon


Climbing along, one step and then another

Echoing steps the earth rich through the pine

Summit in sight… Just a few steps further

Beauty in reach, sights soon wax into mine


Cresting the mountain, breath halted in my chest

I saw the making of dreams coming true

Some may say this sunset is like the rest

I saw real beauty, the sky’s shades bright and new


Heart a song in my chest, rapid and fast

Birds sing my joy, tears fill my eyes

Time and illusion, no future present or past

Only the flaming sky and me, praying that it lasts


Content to just close my eyes and breathe,

I was at peace, with the sunset, sky, and trees.