Splinters of Blood

Gleaming blood dripped through pale skin stained with splatters of ugly purple and blue. Dark brown hair framed the trail of blood leaking down and into the once white sink. A hand gripped the left side of a pale face streaked with blood and dirt. Forest green walls, sink, tiled floor, shower, sink, forest green walls, tiled floor, and repeat. The pain was lightning with no light, thunder with no sound. It shook and rattled the brunette’s skull and sank into weary bones. The lightning seemed to shake the room and sway the ways from side to side with its wrath.


Lilith clutched her face in one blood covered hand, tearing and scratching at her skin and hair. Blood leaked from her empty eye socket and down onto the eye staring at her above. The tears and rips in the lost muscle seemed to cry out in pain while the green of the eye glanced up in empty emotion. She could only stare back down. 


The thirst bled through her system like an ugly snake slithering up her spine and into the roots of her brain. She could just taste it. Taste the blood in her mouth and the craving on her tongue. Tendrils of veins and blood took shape on her neck and face like crawling spider legs. Tilting her head up, Lilith gazed into the shattered mirror. The voices in her head screamed and shouted as she removed her hand and clutched the sink in shock. 


The black void of where a brilliant gem of green once sat had filled with flesh, moving and wiggling inside of her skull. The black flesh with red spider legs shifted in her face. And staring back, was a single dot. A single dot of white in the center as the veins shifted and pulsed. Lilith could feel the weight of a second heart in her chest as black flesh crept from her eye, down her neck, down her mangled and shattered arm. It clawed over the skin of her arm and neck, her arm becoming a wriggling mess of midnight-colored flesh. 


Lilith’s pained gasp went unnoticed in the small hotel bathroom. The wriggling snake of black flesh had slithered its way down her spine. The brunette nearly shattered the sink as she shook and bent down to rest her burning forehead against the cool surface of the sink. Black ridged spikes shattered from her spine and covered the back of her skin, creating black dark ribs that wrapped around her stomach and squeezed her flesh. It was as if it was wrapping her in a cage of black flesh and red veins. 


There was no sound. No screams. The waterfall of blood leaking from pale lips never ended even as the piercing spikes of flesh sank through bone and skin. Lightning strikes and the thunder roared in her ears. Yet she did not cry. 


It had taken that away too.