The Moonlights Gaze

“The knowledge of what came cast a gloom over the usual light of the moon. You close your eyes once more, and dream of a world in which things are different. A world in which you can find your peace again. The chaos between the two peoples, the anger and resentment, that destroyed everything you loved and once knew. You remember the two people you loved fighting and clawing at one another until there was nothing left.”
The young woman closed her entry and looked out the window. She found it easier to process things when she wrote about them and pretended they were happening to someone else. She could not pretend anymore. It was time to face the past, and what now would be her future. She soon fell into a deep slumber. The moon watched her every movement, and took notice of the weapon under her pillow and the small suitcase hidden under her table.
The moonlight’s gaze watched her while she slept, and when she awoke he kept his light over her, protecting her from the dangers around. She had to stay quiet as she crept down the stairs. The hallway was cold and wet and seemed to shrink the longer she walked through it. Fear found its way into her heart, and formed a thick knot around her neck.
She had no light, no guidance, and no friends. She had the moon and its luminescenceto guide her to safety. She had no other choice. She needed to protect herself, and staying in the castle would seal her demise. She took deep breaths as she fled, and tried to wrap her head around the situation she was now in. Her mother and father were gone. Too greedy and blind to acknowledge each other’s flaws, they slowly tore each other apart, and eventually the entire kingdom. Her brothers and sisters mysterious disappearances pushed her parents’ rocky relationship into dangerous waters.
The only heir left, she stepped up and took over while her parents waged a war on each other behind closed doors. She tried her best, but it became too much once her parents broke down the doors and attempted to drag everyone else down with them. She stopped walking and winced as she remembered the executions, her parents driven mad with the unanswered questions of what happened to their children. So many innocent people, so many people she loved were taken from her. Her first love Amaya, is gone now, just like her brothers and sisters.
The moonlight guided her to the forest, and led her to a creek where she could lay her weary soul to rest.