Red Knight Chapter One


The beautiful kingdom of Ikrebet was ruled under the watchful eyes of a stunning king and a lovely queen. Together they had one beauty of a princess, and a prince who was more charming than tales could describe. All together the loving family ruled Ikrebet and tended to the world’s mythical creatures and monsters, letting the leaves flourish and the vines creep up their kingdom, looking like a painting from the most creative artist alive. All was well in the kingdom, until one fateful day a dragon screech echoed through the skies, and a dark shadow soared over the castle, it was none other than a fae dragon. The biggest fae dragon anyone has ever seen, its wing span darkened the skies and its screech rumbled the grounds, causing houses to topple and fall over.

But, with a large huff of smoke from its nostrils, coating the realm of Ikrebet with glitter and sparkles, it darted away into the night sky.

The queen rushed out of the keep, screaming for her baby. The dragon had stolen the princess of Ikrebet. Thus started a quest to save the lovely princess Evelynn. Unfortunately, every knight who tried, no matter how big the group went, failed to slay the dragon. Attacking at night where it slept was deadly, attacking in the morning, and it was nowhere in sight. No matter how hard they looked they found no trace of the fae dragon, only glitter and shimmers in its wake. 

This is where I come in. I am the red knight, the strongest of them all. No one who lives knows my name and no one knows my face or voice, but for those who are reading this, you may call me Rowan. And this is how I slayed the fae dragon.

Well. I would have.

If I hadn’t slept in a bit late.