Fire and Stars


I walk from darkness into the light.

The galaxy painted in the sky.

So many stars

My mother once said “your eyes shine like the stars”

When you wish upon a star

But sooner than later the stars fell.

The ground breaking away from me, fire under my feet, the feeling of walking on glass

A rope drops, a rope to grab onto.

My hands sliding,burning.

It snaps

A rope that was a strand of my mother’s hair, as brittle as her bones

The only thing left on her pillow after she left, a single strand.

Burns and blisters tattooed on my hands

A tattoo of a world with a sword and a heart

Showing that the world will give you love, and then stab you in the heart with it.

You can’t count how many stars are in the sky, or how many raindrops fall in a rainstorm

Believe me, I’ve tried

But I could count the number of days I tried something and failed, 364

And the number of days I tried and succeeded, 1

But that’s all that mattered, 1,

1 day I will be who they want me to be,

And those 364 days were all just a rehearsal for the day I would stand up and speak my mind

And tell them I am not leaving going unheard, unknown, but understood.