One Minute Rants


Karina Rower

Just one minute and maybe a little more. One Minute Rants, a new podcast available wherever you get them, dives into a wide range of topics and opinions presented by our own staff, but only for one minute.

One minute to rant about a topic of your choosing. How would you spend it? Our staff is answering that question through One Minute Rants, the newest podcast on our platform, with topics ranging from the art of podcasting itself to pop star Tayl0r Swift. The episodes will be short, less than two minutes, and provide insight into a wide range of ideas with a theme song created by business manager James Webster.

The inaugural episode presented by podcast and blogs editor Audrey Lippert, takes a short dive into the past and future of podcasts, providing a brief history of the media format as well as some insight into how she creates and edits shows.

To hear more about the rise of podcasts, listen to Lippert’s rant using the Spotify link below and stay tuned for more episodes in the near future.