Fun things to do over the break

Have no plans? Try these to have a great time!

Winter break is almost here.  That means snowy weather, hot chocolate and sleeping in. For most of us we are trying to find some warmth, some of us end up staying home enjoying time with our families during the holidays. Some of us end up bored during the holiday break. For fun things to do around the area check out these ideas!

For a fun day trip head down to the Oregon Coast. Enjoy some chowder and the breathtaking views that the coast has to offer. Play some games at the midway at Seaside. Overall just enjoy the ocean views and take in the fresh air.

Enjoy the Christmas season! Zoo lights open Friday Nov. 29 at the Oregon Zoo. Admission is $10, but for members it is free. It is a nice way to see the zoo light up at night and see all of the animals. Be sure to bundle up in the cold weather.

If it is not snowing in West Linn, you can always head up to Mt. Hood for a day of sking and snowboarding. If that is not your thing, you can go up and innertube or enjoy a hot chocolate at the lodge. Day passes are avalible from Mt. Hood Meadows.

Overall during the break just take some time to relax. You won’t have stressful nights of cramming for a test, so just take some time for yourself.  Enjoy spending time with your family. Just remember you eventually have to go back to school. So enjoy it while you can.