Boys’ Soccer Team falls in penalty shootout


Coming down to the wire Saturday night, the Boys’ Soccer Team ended its season with a bitter taste in its mouth. With regulation and double overtime resulting in a 1-1 tie, the game was pushed to a penalty shootout during which McKay won in penalty kicks, 5-4.

“We were happy with the league results, even though we lost,” Hugo Rhoades, senior captain said.

About 30 minutes into the first half McKay scored its first goal on a penalty kick. West Linn’s offense made many attempts, but McKay’s defense proved too strong.

The Lions returned in the second half with a strong presence. Ryan Harman, senior goalkeeper, denied multiple goals, keeping McKay in check.

“Our team has a lot of depth in the field, which helped,” Alec Nakano, junior midfielder said.

Rhoades scored the first goal with about ten minutes left on the clock after a smooth pass from Nour Alharithi, senior. West Linn was enthusiastic for overtime with the score still tied.

At the end of overtime, there was still no advance in score, and double overtime was set on the clock. After 90 minutes of play, the Lions came out unaffected, fighting until the end.

Five minutes into double overtime McKay threatened, but Max Dimm, senior defenseman, stopped the attempt instantly. Time after time the team showed endurance and kept the score even leading the game into a penalty shootout.

The players lined up on the center line and West Linn made the first kick. In the end it was four kicks made by West Linn, and five made by McKay.

“It’s too bad that the end resulted like it did, but the season was great,” Greg Bean, head coach, said. “The boys got along great. They were always laughing, making real memories.”