Underclassman success brings a bright future


Athletes dream of competing at the highest levels. Karsen Lindell’s, sophomore, dream has come one step closer to reality. With a  full ride baseball scholarship to the University of Washington, Lindell has accomplished something most sophomores don’t experience.

“It is impressive that colleges are impressed and giving him the attention he deserves as a sophomore; he has earned it,” Kevin Mills, head baseball coach, said.

Committing to play baseball at University of Washington on a full-ride scholarship as a sophomore has brought Lindell success and a sense of accomplishment with the reassurance that his hard work has paid off indefinitely. Scouted through a prospect camp, hosted in Wilsonville over the summer by Jose Cepeda, Lindell’s dreams began to come true.

“I am so shocked and thankful to be faced with this opportunity,” Lindell said. “It is such a relief to have everything planned out so early.”

Ever since he was young, Lindell has had a love for baseball. Following in his dad, Jeff Lindell and older brother, Kramer Lindell’s footsteps, he looks to his family for an extra push and positive feedback.

“My dad was really into baseball, so I got involved through family,” Lindell said. “I started as soon as possible in kindergarten with t-ball and worked my way up. I was excited to play for West Linn last year, it was cool to follow my brother’s footsteps playing for the school.”

Having baseball players to look up to, Lindell is constantly surrounded with support, as well as family members who are willing to practice with him and play catch during his free time.

“I am so glad to have such supportive brothers, they always pick me up when I am struggling,” Lindell said. “They have always pushed me to do better and were always ready to practice on what I needed help with, whether it be playing catch in the backyard or hitting in the batting cages.”

Demonstrating determination and a hard work ethic, Lindell works toward becoming a better player every day.

“I spend a lot of my free time working on baseball,” Lindell said.

With the love and passion to work hard and become successful, Lindell plans and looks forward to a bright baseball future.

“I really look forward to playing at UW,” Lindell said. “They have a new coach and are rebuilding the stadium, so it will be nice to play on new grounds as a freshman.”

This year Lindell looks forward to building a strong relationship with the Varsity team. He is interested in what happens during the season and hopes to see the spots of graduated seniors filled with strong players. He plans for a successful season and hopes to help the Lions in any way he can to make it to state.

Although his success in high school is paying off, Lindell stays driven to prepare for what is ahead. “I hope to play in college and get drafted into the pros my junior year.”