West Linn Baseball is hopeful for a successful season

With the loss of 15 seniors last year, the  Baseball team looks forward to a fresh season with new players and strategies.  With an all around younger team, Kevin Mills, head coach, is confident that the team will come together for a successful season.“We have a good team chemistry, which will help us develop and compete through adversity,” Mills said. “Although our team is young, they play at an older age level and very mature with their mechanics.”Displaying strong work ethic, all players are dedicated to three hour practices daily and look to apply drills and routines in future games.

“Our goal this year is making routine play and play small,” Mills said. “We will use a strong pitcher that will help stay in ball games.”

Ben Jacobs, junior, with a torn labrum and Logan Ems, senior, with back injuries, will be out for the season. These injuries are disheartening according to Mills.

“The injured boys have been very supportive.” Mills said. “I feel for them because they have been working so long and an injury isn’t something that you have control over.”

The Lions biggest rival this year is Lake Oswego but they plan to face every game with the same focused attitude and bring the highest competition level as possible.

The team is scheduled to play in a jamboree on Mar. 11 against Century, David Douglas and Centennial high school. This will give the team the chance to see competition and play in game situations. It will also give the coaches to see the team’s potential and how each player does in a game.