West Linn Track Team works to hit its stride


Niki Gray

West Linn runners train for the upcoming home meet against Sherwood High School at 4:00 p.m on April 9. The Boys Varsity beat Tualatin last week 87-64.

The West Linn Track Team prepares for its first home meet against Sherwood High School on April 9 at 4:00 p.m. The team as a whole is looking good and underclassmen are contributing as important members of the team, according to Head Coach Joe Cerny.

“They’re a young team but that’s okay,” Cerny said. “Many runners, like the Ollar boys (Roman and Grayson Ollar, juniors), Conor Egan (junior), and Johanna Briscoe (sophomore) show good promise.”

Underclassmen such as Dan McNeil, sophomore, and other distance runners are excited to begin competing again after cross country ended in the fall.

“I’m glad to start running again,” McNeil said. He wants to train hard this spring in preparation for the cross country season next fall. McNeil runs the 1,500-meter because its the perfect length to increase speed and endurance.

“I’m excited to compete for the first time since the end of cross country,” McNeil said. Last year he ran the 3,000-meter in track, but he decided to try the shorter distance this year.

Practice started a few weeks ago, and other runners are beginning to hit their stride as well. Erick Tran, sophomore, also runs track as a supplement to cross country.

“I can’t wait to see our best sprinter, Mick Metcalf (junior), do the 100 and for Muscle Milk Mondays,” Tran said. On Mondays, Tran and his friends have fun by drinking Muscle Milk before running. He also looks forward to training for cross country while witnessing other events such as the 100-meter sprint.

With multiple events, track is a diverse sport. Runners, jumpers, pole vaulters and others all come together to compete in different competitions. April 1 was the first meet at 3:30 p.m at Marshall High School. The West Linn Boys Varsity Track Team beat Tualatin 87-64.

Runners in top three for each event:

100-meter: Joe Rose, senior, third

200-meter: Troy Carver, junior, second, and Kahlil Monson, junior, third

400-meter: Connor Kelly, senior, first and David Schmitz, freshman, second

800-meter: Connor Egan, junior, second

1500-meter: Roman Ollar, junior, first, Grayson Ollar, junior, second and Connor Egan, junior, third

3000-meter: Roman Ollar, first, Grayson Ollar, second, and Parker Elliot, senior, third

110-meter Hurdles (39-inch): Tristan Stallcup, senior, first, and Jonathan Dorsey, senior, third

300-meter Hurdles (36-inch): Tristan Stallcup, first and Jonathan Dorsey, third

Shot Put (12 pounds): Garret Keizur, junior, first

Javelin (800 grams): Mathew Dzwilewski, senior, first and Garret Keizur, second

High Jump: River Doherty, sophomore, second

Pole Vault: Connor Kelly, senior, first and River Doherty, second

Long Jump: Troy Carver, first

Triple Jump: Troy Carver, first