Boys Lacrosse drops Lincoln 10-5 in first game back from break


Photo Courtesy of Shannon Johnson

Dodging down the right hashes Miles Moscato, junior midfielder, takes shot midway through third quarter.

An undefeated 5-0 start to the season for Boys Lacrosse was put to the test against the Lincoln Cardinals Tuesday evening. Three impressive wins while facing top teams in Arizona, pushed the Lions towards the top in numerous polls, ranked consistently as a top 50 team nation wide.


First Quarter:


Lincoln goalkeeper Nic Hoffman made multiple saves leading to fast break chances, the first attempt converted into points from midfielder Blake Phillips. (Lincoln Leads 1-0 w/ 10:37 1st Q.)

Doubling as a hockey player Ross Scott, sophomore attackman, responded putting defenders on skates with just over 10 minutes remaining in the first quarter. (Tied 1-1 w/ 10:04 1st Q.)

After removal of his appendix earlier this season Mitchell Johnson, senior attackman, followed up Scott’s goal with one of his own. (West Linn Leads 2-1 w/ 6:33 1st Q.)

Photo Courtesy of Shannon Johnson
Calling for the ball Johnson prepares for a pass from Zach Shelton, senior attackman, midway through the second quarter.

Phillips in cardinal red then evened the score with his second goal with under six minutes in the first period of play. (Tied 2-2 w/ 5:43 1st Q.)

Scott pumped in his second score after making multiple defenders slip; Eli Gaunt then converted another won faceoff into points shortly after. (Lions Lead 4-2  Goal 1: 2:17  Goal 2: 2:07 1st Q.)


End First Quarter: West Linn (4) – Lincoln (2)


Two players scored in the second quarter both of which wearing forest green jerseys with golden numbers.

Zach Shelton, senior attackman, impressed with a top right rip from eleven yards out, providing a three goal cushion midway through two periods of play. (Lions Lead 5-2 w/ 7:13 2nd Q.)

Miles Moscato, a junior midfielder heading to Salisbury, extended the Lions lead after a goal from the left hashes with time ticking down before halftime. (Lions Lead 6-2 w/ :41 2nd Q.)


End First Half: West Linn (6) – Lincoln (2)


Mitchell Johnson, Lion attackman, and Isaac Baker, Cardinal midfielder, both scored within 30 seconds in the final moments of the third quarter. Johnson with two goals in the final half minute.

Baker converted on a shot with just over a minute remaining drawing the cardinal closer, but the response from Johnson was too much to handle for Lincoln near the end of the third period.

(Baker’s Goal Came With 1:05 Remaining 3rd Q.)

Johnson’s second goal of the game came with thirty seconds ticking off the clock, his third moments later with under five seconds to play.

(Lions Up 8-3  Goal 1: 30 Seconds Goal Two: 5 Seconds 4th Q.)


End 3rd Quarter: West Linn (8) – Lincoln (3)


Max Michelon, junior midfielder, scored West Linn’s ninth goal in the first minute of the fourth and final quarter. (Lions Lead 9-3 w/ 11:03 4th Q.)

Baker scored his second goal on a fastbreak chance, giving Lincoln their fourth with under ten minutes to play. (Lions Lead 9-4 w/ 9:46 4th Q.)

Ethan Stahl, midfielder, dodged from the top of the box to bring the Cardinal within four; however Stahl’s scoring efforts proved to late for Lincoln. (Lions Lead 9-5 w/ 2:30 4th Q.)

Scott piled on his fourth goal with 23 seconds remaining in the final period. As a sophomore, Scott’s led the Lions in scoring this season. (Lions Lead 10-5 w/ :23 4th Q.)


Final Score: West Linn (10) – Lincoln (5)


Head Coach Mark Flood and West Linn will host OES Saturday afternoon, after improving to six wins and zero losses on the season.

West Linn JV Won 13-3; Freshman Midfielder Zac Vannaman Played A Major Role In Lions Win.


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