Coming home to Homecoming

“Having Sam is just a total like lifesaver I would say, cuz he’s a D1 quarterback who knows what he’s doing,” Earl Ingle, senior, said. Quarterback Sam Leavitt pictured. (Joseph Murphy)

“There is two ways to lead,” Earl Ingle, senior, said. “There’s one by force and there’s one by love and coming together.” The stands were full, with the seniors leading the student section’s chants and cheers. For the first time since 2019, the Lions were able to play on their home turf on Thursday, Sept. 8 in a close loss against the Sheldon Irish 35-31. 

The Irish’s offense started early scoring two touchdowns before the Lions could get their own touchdown, making the score 14-7. 

At halftime, there were performances by both the Debs and cheer team, as well as a ring ceremony and recognition for the varsity baseball team, who won the state championship this past June. 

“It really shows who’s behind you and really loves you,” Ingle said. (Karina Rower)

At one point the Lions led 31-28 before the Irish scored a touchdown, putting themselves back ahead 35-31. Mark Hamper, senior, came close to getting a touchdown before being called for a violation for hurdling. After that violation the Irish never looked back and won this close game. 

This month, the school will be celebrating their annual homecoming game on Sept. 30, hosting Lake Oswego. The game will be followed by a non-formal dance and crowning of the homecoming court after the game in the main gym. 

Last year’s homecoming was different from most years being on the tennis courts and with masks required throughout the whole event. This year homecoming is returning to its pre-pandemic form, moving back to gym and dropping last year’s COVID-19 restrictions.

“A personal goal for myself would be win defensive player of the year in the state,” Ingle said. Wide receiver Mark Hamper pictured. (Joseph Murphy)