More than a horse


Eden Pepos

Brynn Wasmund, freshman, pictured at the equestrian carnival booth.

The equestrian team and their horses have set out for the 2022-23 season. For riders Lauren Tremaine, Izzy Ludeman and Kaylee Lindstrom, it is about the love of the sport, horses and community. The equestrian team in previous years has combined with Wilsonville’s equestrian team to increase the number of riders. This year there are six riders from West Linn.

Tremaine, senior, is a first year on the equestrian team.

“I grew up loving horses, and every time I went on vacation, I rode horses,” Tremaine said. “And so, when I saw that the OHSET [Oregon High School Equestrian team] was coming, I wanted to do it, since I used to have lessons on riding, I had fallen in love with it.”

Tremaine is currently in her first year riding with the equestrian team and as a competitive equestrian rider.

“My favorite part of the team is just everyone working together and cheering each other on,” Tremaine said. “I was really nervous because it was my first year. I had a lesson and some of the girls that were on the team were there. They were just there cheering me on. So I just love how everyone’s high spirited and really helpful.”

The equestrian team is about not just the competition but the horses and community surrounding them. Lindstrom, sophomore, has been riding horses since she was young.

“It’s so chaotic but it’s the most heart fulfilling and the best thing in the world because I’m spending all my time with my best friend [the horse],” Lindstrom said. Lindstrom is one of the captains this season.

The team currently has six members and two grooms which are students who do not ride at competitions but help the team by working on packing supplies, grooming horses, and being on the sideline. Ludeman, freshman, was previously a groom for the team.

“I was really nervous because it was my first year,” Ludeman said. “And I had a lesson Tuesday. And some of the girls that were on the team were there. And they were just there cheering me on and being me. So I just love how everyone’s like, really, I guess high spirited and just really helpful.”

Ludeman has been riding for the past four years and has been competing for the past two and a half years.

“Progress isn’t linear,” Ludeman said. “So you could have a really good ride some days and you’re, over time you’re getting better, but sometimes it’s hard to see that you’re gonna have really frustrating rides, but it’s still you’re still making progress.”

The equestrian team will compete in western timed events which are judged based on speed. As well as competing in performance based events where the event is judged based on technique. The equestrian team began practice this past November and will begin competing in February of 2023.