Freshman twins make waves on varsity soccer

Caitlyn and Kylee Schreck reflect on their successful first year on the girls’ varsity soccer team.


Joseph Murphy

The Schreck twins hold hands as they chase the ball against Barlow on Nov. 2, 2022.

Not lacking in talent or experience, the 2022 varsity team was chock full of players of all ages, with a notable duo making their way on the field. Twins Caitlyn and Kylee Schreck, freshmen, were fresh faces to the team at the beginning of this year and are now starters who were on the field in the state championship.

The 2021 season for the varsity girls’ soccer team was underscored by one goal— rebuilding. Having lost a number of seniors from the previous team, the Lions were forced to set their sights on building from the ground up rather than strengthening a pre-existing team. Following this season of renewal, the team had their sights set on something grander— a championship.

“We had to, [make] goals [at] the beginning of the year and my goals were to start on the team, get playing time, and go to state,” Kylee said. 

Going into the season, the Schreck twins set goals for themselves to work towards throughout the season. As freshmen on varsity, Kylee and Caitlyn faced an extra set of challenges posed by their older, more experienced teammates. 

“I didn’t really think we would get much playing time because of our size,” Caitlyn said. “Getting to play on the field [was a challenge], because I have upperclassmen that are better than me and I always try to be at the same level as [they are].” 

The twins have played soccer for the better part of their lives, and have been on the same teams since kindergarten. This connection has been conducive to their collective success on the team.

“Having Caitlyn is really nice because I knew she could pass to me and could find me on the field,” Kylee said.

“We have been on the same teams basically forever so the chemistry that we have is really helpful,” Caitlyn said.

While the Schrecks are synonymous with each other as a pair, Caitlyn and Kylee have also made names for themselves as individuals.

A defining moment of Kylee’s season comes from the team’s Nov. 2 game against Barlow, where she scored the game-winning goal assisted by Ava Johnson, senior. The Schreck’s connection with their team has been conducive to their success this season.

“One highlight [of the season] is having a bond with the team,” Caitlyn said. “I feel like I could bond with them more than my [other] teams which are really good. 

While the team did not win state, their second-place finish brings the team confidence that they can not only make it to the championship again next year but also win. 

“The team is really amazing,” Kylee said. “We did really good this season and hopefully next season we can go to the championship and win.”