Ultimate Frisbee goes undefeated

With the season halfway done, they hope to continue their dominance and grow


Josh Goldshmidt

Currently undefeated, the ultimate team looks to continue winning while maintaining a fun atmosphere throughout the league. “My favorite thing about ultimate frisbee would be the sportsmanship from our team and all of our opponents,” Wilson said.

It’s the spring sport that gets overshadowed by just about every other sport. When the sun starts coming out and spring sports kick off, the ones that come to mind are baseball, lacrosse, tennis and golf. But what about ultimate frisbee?

Currently seven games through the season,  they have yet to lose. With six wins and one tie against Gladstone, the coed team hopes to go as far as possible.

“Our team is doing really great!” Logan Rower, sophomore, said. “I’m looking forward to going as far as we can and playing at states, but I am mainly just looking forward to playing as much ultimate as possible.”

There are four weeks left in the regular season, meaning that there are eight regular season games left before playoffs, and if they continue winning, a league championship. Along with this, they will be playing at state tournaments.

“As a team, we are playing really well,” Alex Wilson, sophomore, said.  “We have a ton of talent this year and a good group of people with excellent chemistry.”

With relatively young players, the ultimate team looks to be challenging competitors for years to come.

“This is a great team and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us in years to come,” Wilson added.

Being cast behind other spring sports, the number of players that go out for ultimate frisbee are lower than the team would like, especially the number of girls that come out for the team.

Our team is open to everyone,” Rower said. “and we especially want more girls to join since it is a Coed team after all.”

Next year the team hopes to have more participants come out and help them continue their dominance. If you are interested in joining, visit their website here: http://www.wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us/page/9824