Danielle DelBene

Danielle DelBene, Staff Reporter

With practices nearly every day, Danielle DelBene, junior, has a life that revolves around sports. DelBene has played many sports in the past, from soccer to basketball, but she currently only plays softball.

“Freshman year I played sports in every season, but now I decided to focus on softball,” DelBene said. “I enjoyed it the most, and I wanted to get better.”

DelBene has played softball since she was five years old. She plays year round, with fall ball, winter workouts, spring and summer ball. According to DelBene, it is sometimes overwhelming.

“There are some weeks when I have softball every day because I have practice Monday through Saturday, and then I have the hitting clinic on Sunday,” DelBene said.

DelBene’s interests do not stop at playing sports, though, because she hopes to pursue a career in athletics.

“Ever since elementary school I’ve known [that I want a career in sports],” DelBene said.

This desire to work in athletics was her motivation for joining the Amplifier, according to DelBene, where she works as a staff reporter.

“I want to think about doing sportscasting as a career, and [Amplifier] was the closest elective,” DelBene said.

Athletics are not only a possible career and pastime for DelBene, but they also describe who DelBene is as a person. DelBene regards herself as “athletic and quiet-ish.”

“I’m fairly quiet, but I can be crazy when I want,” DelBene said. “I’m kind of crazy when you get to know me. I get weird and do whatever I want.”

According to DelBene, this is something that many people don’t know about her. She also said that many people don’t know about her plans for the future.

“I want to go to college in North Carolina,” DelBene said. “It’s kind of a whim, but it’s so different there. Plus, my favorite television show is based out of there, and it’s just so pretty.”

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Danielle DelBene