Megan Riehle

Megan Riehle, Arts and Culture Editor

Lots of people make big plans for their future. Megan Riehle, junior, is one of those people. She aspires to double major in fine arts and English at her dream school, Evergreen in Washington.

Riehle was born in Hawaii and has been in the water since she was an infant. She was outside in nature, exploring for much of her childhood. This inspired her love of marine biology.

Her family engaged her in political and current events conversations from a young age, which sparked her desire to pursue journalism. Seeing as her favorite subject in school has always been English, alongside her desire to provoke conversation and change, Riehle says it seems only fitting that she would go into the field.

“I believe that our most powerful asset is our words and our voice,” Riehle said. “Whether you are a musician, an author or a journalist, the use of your words to inspire change is an incredible thing. I think this gives every person so much power to be the person to make a difference, rather than the person who just sits around watching.”

Riehle has many hobbies including fashion design, music, and art. Regardless of what field she may go into, she says, these are things she will do for fun and to escape the stress of adult life.

“My biggest fear is not accomplishing the things I’ve always dreamed of doing,” Riehle said. “I will do everything in my power to make those things happen for myself. I think the biggest failure would be to settle for something less than what I am capable of.”

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Megan Riehle