Paxton Peter-Krueger

Paxton Peter-Krueger, Staff Reporter

Paxton Peter-Krueger, freshman, had always known she wanted to be a writer, since the creative writing assignment her third grade teacher gave the class.

“[The project] was about a cross between a naked mole rat and a dragon. In my story there was a news reporter named Billy Bob Joe Boberson. Through my story, he became the talk of my classroom.”

She prepared her masterpiece for days, perfecting the story of the reporter and the naked mole rat-dragon hybrid. The day of the presentation, Billy Bob Joe Boberson became famous in her classroom. Peter-Krueger was beyond proud of her work and even earned an outstanding score. This was when she realized she wanted to be a writer. And as a third grader, it isn’t your first instinct to give up on your dream.

Through the years Peter-Krueger has excelled in language arts and reading. Her favorite type of writing is realistic fiction and though she has “always wanted to be a journalist.” Peter-Krueger hopes to join Speech and Debate because “I’m hoping to get my voice out there.” And for a freshman in high school, journalism is the perfect way to do that. Peter-Krueger is most interested in using photos to tell stories. In her opinion, photography is a perfect way to showcase current events and brings the writing alive. She is also hoping to write opinion pieces so she can hear the ideas of the student body and write out her own.

“I am nervous for high school because it’s new, but also excited because it’s a new chapter,” she explains.

Peter-Krueger, when asked about her favorite music artist, responded, “I cannot answer it’s too tough.” She did name her top five though; Drake, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Lana Del Rey, and Alessia Cara. Peter-Krueger loves to read Shakespeare because it’s “like another language but also not another language.” She finds it fascinating how much writing styles have changed since the time of Shakespeare. On the weekends she enjoys relaxing, mainly sleeping for long periods of time. She also enjoys watching movies, her favorite of which is “The Breakfast Club. She likes the message of the movie which shows that you can assume something about somebody, but you don’t know their whole story.

Peter-Krueger has a deep love for photography and writing which is why she thought journalism class was the best fit for her. She is itching to start writing stories and capturing life in West Linn.

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Paxton Peter-Krueger