Milo Webster solves the complex language of computer coding


Summer can be a great time to start new things and experiment. For Milo Webster, sophomore, summer was the beginning of a start up business that could very well blossom into something bigger.

Webster creates and designs websites and began his business, Nocturnal Creative, last summer. He specializes in computer coding, the ‘language’ of computers, to create websites for small businesses. In order to expand his work, Webster emails people or businesses that don’t have website links on their businesses cards.

“The first website I designed was actually free, but that person recommended me to someone else, and so on, Webster said. “It branches out from there.”

Webster began his journey with coding when he took Web Design 1 during his freshman year, a class for learning the ins and outs of making websites and writing website code.

“In Web Design 1 focuses more on design, and in Web Design 2 you learn more about advanced scripting language, creating images and programming,”  Wind Lothamer, technology teacher, said. “Milo is an independent learner and he likes to explore on his own. Sometimes he comes to me for help, but just for specific questions. His website looks pretty professional.”

Though his interest stemmed from there, it only goes so far. Webster does not see his business as his sole future career, but he still wants to make this business last for a long time.

“It’s time consuming, but I do it because I want to,” Webster said. “I think I’ll try to keep it going as a job.”

Though he doesn’t see web design as his main career, Webster wants to pursue a career involving computers, possibly computer or website programming. With all the different branches of computer careers, he has many paths to choose from. Currently, Webster is also involved in sports such as skiing and pole vaulting. The potential to grow has only just begun.

His website displays his previous work and provides contact information for any questions or interests people may have.