Ms. Patterson Q&A


“I started choir in my junior year and continued with it through college until I got my vocal major, then I just got hooked.” Aubrey Patterson, new choir teacher said, “When I get to work with students who are as passionate about this as I am, it makes my day.”

Patterson is a choir-loving person who loves working with the students. As her first year here, she’s ready to guide the kids to become great musicians and grow along with herself.

“I don’t want to change very much from last year’s program; I want to build off the foundation that’s already there.” Patterson said. “There’s room for growth in sight reading, the ability to sing a new piece with confidence.”

She only wants to help these kids. She wants them to grow and get better at a vital skill, but Patterson also wants the keep the previous vibe from the last program alive.

“I think for the kids I’m a new intensity level, and I think that can help to inspire them to work harder and improve upon themselves. By the end of the year to the beginning of next year I want all the kids to ace their auditions, whether that’s for college or the next level of choir.”

She wants not only the kids to improve, but she wants the program to evolve as well. She strives to help all the kids in choir be successful enough to ace the auditions.

“I really dig the staff culture, the teachers I know are super inclusive and kind, and I’m excited to be apart of that. At my last school, I had to fight for that relationship, and here it just is.”

Not only is Patterson excited to be apart of the choir program, but she’s super excited to be apart of the school in West Linn. She loves the staff, the students, and the area.