SOPA/PIPA have been shelved, but ACTA is even more freedom-restricting

Sophie Pesetti

February 15, 2012

SOPA and PIPA: you’ve probably heard of them by now. They have become famous on the internet for attempting to restrict our freedom, and censor websites. More light was shed on the two bills after the internet-wide blackout ...

Soprana Sushi is the rice place to be

Anna Keil

February 1, 2012

Based off the show, “Soprano," Soprana Sushi, a Japanese sushi restaurant, has opened in the old Willamette area. With a simple and plain exterior, the restaurant seems uninteresting, but once you step inside, all of those assumptions...

Top eight is pretty great: Lions make it to State tournament

Ty Clarke

November 10, 2011

The West Linn volleyball team is on a roll. Two post season wins has placed the co-Three Rivers League champion in the State tournament with seven other teams. Now, they are in prime position to compete for a State title. “We're...

From teaching government to working in government: WL teacher is recruited by Kitzhaber’s office to improve education standards

Elise Brown

November 9, 2011

Todd Jones, social studies teacher, is taking a sabbatical from teaching to work with the state government to make Oregon’s education system better. For 14 years, Jones has taught classes at West Linn such as AP Government and...

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