Soprana Sushi is the rice place to be

Based off the show, “Soprano,” Soprana Sushi, a Japanese sushi restaurant, has opened in the old Willamette area. With a simple and plain exterior, the restaurant seems uninteresting, but once you step inside, all of those assumptions will change.

When I first entered the restaurant, the light and cheery atmosphere felt very relaxing and welcoming. The waitress who greeted us at the door kindly told me to choose a spot and sit down. As she handed me the large, black menu, I noticed beautiful Japanese-like paintings on the walls, adding a soft Asian touch.

A large selection of sushi rolls were available, with a vast price range from $3-$22. Some of the rolls offered include: eel rolls, rainbow rolls, California rolls, Portland rolls, and Tanzana rolls. There were also salads, with prices varying from $2-$12 dollars, noodles from $8-$12.95, and lunch box specials ranging from $10-$15 available for purchase. On the menu, there was a section that was mainly focused on Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian cusine.

The waitress was nice and pleasant, though she seemed a little vague on her knowledge of the menu. I didn’t mind this however, for it was a new place and it must be hard to memorize the menu thoroughly in less than two weeks.

The food arrived in less than 20 mintues. In fact, the service was so fast that my table was soon overcrowded with the dishes that I ordered. The Tiger’s Eye roll was surrounded by squid, with a reddish seafood center. The bit-sized sushi felt chewy and soft to the touch; it was satisfing and watery. Smooth cream cheese and bright avocado added a nice touch to the taste of the dragon roll. The spider roll tasted a bit bland in essence, but I enjoyed the eel sauce that was drizzled inside of it. The stir fry chicken dish tasted wonderfully sweet and spicy; however, the some of the chicken pieces had some chewy and transparent fat which left a disgusting taste in my mouth.

Overall, Soprana Sushi is a great Japanese restaurant despite its high prices. I would give this restaurant an A- due to its excellent service and high quality food. Located at 1721 Willamette Falls Drive, you can also order take out by calling the restaurant at 503-840-4373.