West Linn alumni Chris Murray pursues passion for performing

After three hours of being made up and covered in “dots” Chris Murray, Class of 1997, and his stunt double Kale were ready to “woge” or transform into the Fuchsteufelwild on the television show “Grimm.” On the March 29 episode Murray and Kale became a goblin-like creature that slashed its victims in half with two elongated, acid producing claws.

“The other actors (the series’ leads) were awesome, and humble and not annoying L.A. (Los Angeles) slimeballs,” Murray said. “The crew was very efficient, and I had a trailer. That was awesome.”

Murray began his acting career when he was a sophomore at West Linn High.

“I auditioned for a play (Summer and Smoke) and was cast,” Murray said. “It was the first time I really connected with a group of people on a creative and personal level.”

In Murray’s opinion, going to West Linn helped him develop his passion for performing.

“Having to audition for plays makes you really have to dig in and figure out what you’re doing, and how you can do it better,” Murray said.

Murray has won a Drammy Award for an Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in 2006 for his portrayal of Shane in “Take Me Out.” He has many roles to his credit including plays and shows like Adam Bock’s “The Receptionist”, and Bock’s play “The Thugs”. He recently worked on “The Aliens” which opened the weekend of April 12. This summer Murray will be an intensive instructor for Advanced Acting and Audition Intensive at the Portland Center Stage.