Skilled athlete makes way for future

Senior Timothy Harman makes plans to continue his wrestling career after WLHS


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King Tim Harman and Queen Sophie Gabler, seniors, dance at the May Day 2015 celebration Harman looks forward to his future after West Linn High School attending the Naval Academy Prep School and continuing to wrestle.

Skilled senior wrestler, Timothy Harman, looks forward to his future after West Linn High School attending the Naval Academy Prep School. Although he intends to expand his career in the Navy, Harman plans to continue his passion in wrestling for the next four years in hopes to become a national champion.

“He’s been exposed to wrestling his whole life,” Doug Samarron, wrestling coach, said. “It’s just part of his core being.”

Although Harman can’t wait for graduation, he cherishes many aspects of WLHS. His favorite subjects include economics and civics. and he enjoys his favorite sports: wrestling and lacrosse.

“I played lacrosse my freshman year but I dropped it because it got in the way of a lot of out of season wrestling tournaments and camps,” Harman said. “Honestly my wrestling career was a little disappointing for me. I had a good high school campaign but I came up short with my goals.”

Known for his appearance in the Roar and other school events, Harman is seen as one of the most spirited seniors of WLHS. Credited with wrestling awards and being named May Day King, he simply believes his role as a spirited student is the position which he’s been placed in.

“I kinda just ended up in the position and ran with it. I have a loud voice so it’s easy to be spirited and lead kids at the games so that’s kinda how it started,” Harman said.  “It’s fun though. I enjoy it.”

As a graduating senior, Harman has plenty of advice for underclassmen. In addition to living day by day, he believes that all judgment should be reserved.

“Just do what you love in high school and don’t let people judge you for it,” Harman said.