Fashion forward

FIDM Fashion Club members share their opinions on past, current, and future trends.


Molly Lundstrom

Posing for the snapshot, Jake Larsen, Rachel Han, Liam Sandie, Elsa Sandie, and Christopher Buttson show off their different washed denim jeans, paired with trending sneakers. “I think that a lot of different like textural things are gonna come in,” Sofia Gomez said. “Because I feel like a lot of people just wear jeans and a simple top.”

In the past few years, trends from the past decades have come back into the spotlight. 90s grunge, 80s high-rise jeans and bright colors, and 2000s low-rise are some of the trends that have resurfaced recently. Trends are constantly flowing in and out, influenced by social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

The FIDM Fashion Club was established in 2021. They meet about once a month and have 15 members, many of which are upperclassmen. Sofia Gomez, junior, is a long-standing member of the club.

“I’m in the club because I like fashion,” Gomez said. “I just kind of wanted to learn some more and surround myself with people who had a similar interest.” 

As fall approaches, the year is coming to a close and trends are continuing their constant circulation. One of the things the members of FIDM Fashion Club pay attention to is the continual shift in current trends. Allison Buturla, senior, is the secretary of the club.

“My current favorite trend is Doc Martens,” Buturla said. Doc Martens can be seen all around campus right now, in different styles, including boots, mary janes, and dress shoes.

Ayushi Mallick, senior, has been a member since the club was formed. She acts as treasurer and manages the club funding.

“My current favorite trend is probably lace cover-ups,” Mallick said. “I think they look so nice over a tank top with the little ribbons that you can tie in the front.”

Lingerie and lace cover-ups made a big comeback recently with the early 2000s style being repopularized. Along with lace cover-ups, lowrise jeans are returning. 

 “One of the main things that I’m into right now is mid–rise jeans because I feel like low–rise is just way too low,” Gomez said. “High-waisted [jeans], sometimes [can be] a little crazy. So I feel like mid-rise jeans are great.”

Although the members all appreciate fashion, not all of them like the same trends. Juicy Couture is a brand that was infamous for its bedazzled sweatsuits in the early 2000s. 

“Juicy Couture stuff is coming back. I’m obsessed,” Gomez said.

“I don’t like matching sweatsuits,” Mallick said. “Sometimes, they’re cute, but more often than not, they don’t look great.” 

FIDM Fashion Club members have strong opinions on trends. Some of those opinions are what trends they believe should be removed from the mainstream. 

“Body con dresses that have the random patterns like the squiggly lines or something like that,” Gomez said. “I literally hate those. I don’t know. I have no reason I just despise them. And sometimes crochet stuff.”

With old trends resurfacing, some members of FIDM Fashion Club have strong opinions on what should be left in the past.

“An old trend I don’t like is guys wearing their pants like really, really low where you can see their boxers and it’s like they’re going to fall off at any moment. That is a little bit scary,” Gomez said “Oh, and maybe vans? Yeah, personally, I’m not a fan of the vans, but I might offend a lot of people with that.” 

 Even with trends so rapidly changing, some members of the club have speculation about what is coming next.

 “In 2023, I think overalls and high-top sneakers will be popular,” Buturla said.

Not only the design of clothing, but textures and fabric types go in and out of style too. 

“I think that a lot of things like velvet, corduroy, and leather especially [will be coming back]. I’ve already seen a lot of leather in shorts and skirts and stuff. So I feel like it’s gonna become a really big [texture] thing for tops.” Gomez said. 

There is no way to know what is here to stay or destined to go, but maybe FIDM Fashion Club’s predictions will ring true in the new year.