Set it up

Huddle Up

The whole team huddling up to get the ball back.  “We cheer on our team mates on side lines instead of just sitting and watching the game we are engaged.” Isabella Bean 12. The West Linn high school varsity volleyball team fights for every game.

Serve it Up

At the beginning of the first half of game 2 #11, Briella Snook the Libero serves a jump serve that aces Sunset. She serves again and Sunset makes a pass to the setter.

Set it Up

West Linn high school ready to take the win against sunset, #10, Isabell Bean, 12 and #13, Makayla Long, 9. Getting ready to approach to hit the ball #5 Callista Noel, 12 setting the ball up.


During the second half of game 2, #9 Kayla Tence,12 gets the set from player #5 Callista Noel, 12 and smacks the ball down to Sunset. Sunset was struggling to get the ball up to the setter.

Block It Up

To finish the game #9 Kayla Tence,12 blocks Sunset’s hit and sunset was struggling to get the ball up to play it back over.  West Linn in there positions ready to see if Sunset can get it over.