Mr. Taco provides delectable, well presented food along with a welcoming environment


With fresh aromas of beans, rice and fresh avocado, beautiful pictures of appealing dishes and—most importantly—delicious food, Mr. Taco is the place to go when you’re hungry. If you are hungry for Mexican food, look no further; Mr. Taco is here.

The first thing to notice when you walk by Mr. Taco are the pictures. There is a sign out front with pictures of every dish, and everything looks fresh and delicious. The pictures aren’t ragged or water-damaged, and they give the cart an appealing vibe.

The staff is friendly and helpful in making decisions, and they are always happy to alter their foods based on the customer’s desires. For example, many of the dishes come with meat, but they are happy to make them without meat in order to satisfy the customer.

The best part of Mr. Taco, and the part that should make anyone come there the most, is the food. It is scrumptious and made on the spot. There are a variety of different Mexican dishes to suit anyone’s food preferences, from enchiladas to fajitas and chile rellenos to tortas. There are even healthy options for those seeking more nutrition like taco salad and a delicious spinach plate. Almost every dish comes with avocados that are fresh and ripe, which provides a great addition to the food.

You may be asking, “How will I be able to afford this great food and service?” Stop your fretting because Mr. Taco has cheap prices for generous portions. Every dish on the menu is $6 besides burritos which range from$3.50 to $5. Drinks are priced well, too; horchata is $2 and fountain drinks are $1.

I would rate Mr. Taco four stars out of five because it provides delicious food, an astounding ambiance and a welcoming staff. Mr. Taco is located at the SW 5th and Stark food carts.

Mr. Taco serves up cheap, authentic Mexican food

With Portland being the food cart capital of the world, finding Mexican food carts are a dime a dozen. But the real trick is finding a food cart that stays true to authentic Mexican food, and luckily, Mr. Taco does just that. Mr. Taco is the place to go for true and genuine Mexican food.

Everything about Mr. Taco has the flair of authenticity, especially the food. From burritos to tacos, everything featured on the Mr. Taco menu is a staple in Mexico and Mr. Taco does it justice. The two tacos I ordered were crispy with a stark contrast to the soft and tender meat. The shredded beef was especially delicious. The meat was perfectly spiced and juicy enough that the extra sauce on the side wasn’t even needed. Also on the tacos were fresh lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream.  You can even choose from a wide range of taco sauces on the side, from mild to spicy. Mr. Taco also serves breakfast options, from a wide range of breakfast burritos that include eggs, potatoes and various kinds of meat. Mr. Taco is vegetarian friendly, with offerings like vegetarian burritos, bean and cheese burritos and tofu burritos.

The service that I experienced at Mr. Taco was truly great. The woman who took my order was friendly, nice and willing to help me make the best selection of taco sauce. She spoke with accented English but she was easy to understand.

The food at Mr. Taco definitely should be considered competition for the chain restaurants that frequent Portland. Taco Bell, Chipotle, Baja Fresh and Chevy’s may have more recognition with the public, but Mr. Taco is definitely worth the attention.

With the food being so delicious, one could expect that the prices at Mr. Taco would be fairly expensive, but Mr. Taco is definitely a bargain for those who are on a budget. The prices for food range from $1.50 to $6, with the cheapest item on the menu being a single taco for $1.50. Canned soda is $1 and other beverages like lemonade are $2.

Mr. Taco is located on SW 5th and Oak and is open hours that are convenient to the morning and afternoon crowds. Every day from 8am-2pm, Mr. Taco is up and running.

All in all, Mr. Taco is a delicious find in downtown Portland. If you want to find true and authentic Mexican food, than Mr. Taco is the place for you.

I would give Mr. Taco five out of five stars because the service is great and the food is absolutely delicious.

-Kara Elizeh