Delicious sandwiches for low prices served presto at Primi Panini

Now that Portland has been named the best food cart city in the world, the hunt was on to find the perfect food cart that serves something that will please even the pickiest. Look no further, Primi Panini is the place for you. Its wide variety offers everything from tuna melts to meatball subs, and even a Greek veggie sandwich for vegetarians. This isn’t just a turkey pesto sandwich that is made beforehand and thrown on the grill to burn lines onto the bread so it can be called a panini. It is made right in front of you and perfectly browned on each side, just enough to melt the cheese and not charcoal the whole thing.

Primi Panini’s wide variety of sandwiches run about $5 each, and their coffee, espresso’s and soft drinks run about $2-$3. The turkey pesto panini had turkey, basil pesto, cabbage, red onion, sun dried tomatoes and their “secret sauce”. The sauce was creamy and had a pleasant flavor with almost a sweetness to it. The sandwich had a colorful pesto on top of turkey, cheese, onions and sun dried tomatoes. The sandwich was warm and had a nice crisp texture when I bit into it. For $5, I received the sandwich with a small bag of chips of my choice.

The sandwich took about five minutes to make, from the time I ordered it to the time it was handed to me. It was very fast and convenient for those on the go, though there’s only one person to take orders and to cook.

The owner was nice and his station was clean. Nothing cluttered the ledge of the food cart making the presentation pleasing and inviting. The prices and menu as well as pictures of the sandwiches are posted clearly on the outside.

I give Primo Panini three out of five stars. The turkey and pesto married together perfectly for the first 10 minutes or so, but after that the sandwich became cold and the flavor became bland and plain. I am looking forward to going back to try some of the other sandwiches. If you want a Panini made in a presto, then walk on over to Primi Panini. Primi Panini is located on SW 10th and Washington and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.