Spoon into your favorite dishes at Spoons


It’s not every day you find a lovely green food cart with a large spoon painted on the top in Portland, but that’s Spoons for you. Spoons offers a healthy lunch alternative to fast food. For just $3.50 you can have a small cup of soup or a bowl for $4.50. If you bring your own soup container, they will give you a $.50 “environmentally friendly” discount. The types of soup range from Chipotle Tomato to Cream-o-Spinach to Chanterelle Sherry. Although it is a soup themed-cart, Spoons also offers grilled cheese, sandwiches, salads, and wraps, with vegetarian options.

I ordered a cup of Chipotle Tomato Soup which came with French bread and butter, all perfect for carrying to a nice place to sit. The soup was still hot when I had a spoonful after walking in the cold. There were chunks of tomato, onion, and basil in the tasty broth, which added substance to the soup. The soup had a bit too much spice for my liking; the heat from the spice took over my taste buds, which affected my ability to enjoy the tomato taste. I wish it had had a bit less of the chipotle and more of the tomato. Then I would have been able to enjoy the warm creamy broth more.

Overall, the meal was lovely and satisfied me. The cart offered a wide range of options. I give this food cart four out of five stars. I would definitely return to Spoons for more soup and to try more of their options. Spoons is located at 5th and Oak and is open Monday through Friday, 10:30 a.m-2 pm.