Portion of the sea brings unique dining experience at Dan and Louis

If you are in Portland, and enjoy galley-type food, the Dan and Louis Oyster Bar is the place for you. The dining room is set up to resemble the hull of an Albatross ship, and the food is just as authentic.

Bland colors and uninviting flavors are a trend at D&L’s. It is inviting from the outside, encouraging tourists to eat at the “Oldest Family Owned Restaurant in Town.” It is a place to go if you want to tour the rooms that are filled with everything from anchors to rigging and deserves to be tried once, but I wouldn’t go back a second time.

The service was not particularly fast or slow, but it took awhile to attract someone’s attention. There was not a host or hostess present and the entrance is out of view from the kitchen and host station. The dining room was clean with an aroma of cooking and reheating food, with a slight redolence of wood smoke. The prices are fair, but the food lacked flavoring. There wasn’t much variety in the meal choices.

I ordered the Bay Shrimp Stew, for $9.50, which consisted of shrimp, a cream sauce, and light seasoning, but when it came, they forgot to bring me a spoon.

I left with an empty stomach (because of the small portions and banal flavors) and a longing for the last hour of my life back. I give this restaurant a C. Overall, it was a fairly good experience, but I don’t recommend Dan and Louis Oyster Bar.