Blake Hepburn lives for the great outdoors

When he is not scoring goals on the soccer field, Blake Hepburn, senior, is busy studying for his advanced placement classes and enjoying the great outdoors.

Hepburn has been playing soccer since he was a kid and now plays on the Varsity Boys Soccer Team.

“Soccer is just a great way for me to relax and have fun with friends.” Hepburn said.

Although he favors outdoors, some of his favorite things include current events, which is one of the reasons he joined Amplifier.

“I always like to know what is going on in news and that is one of the reasons I joined Amplifier.” Hepburn said “It is good to know what is going on in the community.”

“I really enjoy doing things outdoors, such as fishing and hiking and camping. I was able to do a lot of that over the summer,” Hepburn said.  “When I am older, I would love to live in Oregon. The beauty here is amazing and that is what I really love about it.”

After he graduates from high school, Hepburn is looking to attend a schools such as the University of Washington and Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Hepburn is not quite sure of what he wants to major in, but can see a major of political science in his future.

“Political science would be a good major because it has a lot to do with current events and that would be fun for me because I like to know what is going on in the world.” Hepburn said. “After college, maybe I could become a lobbyist, but we’ll see in the future. Maybe I might still be playing soccer.”