Review: ‘Turning Red’

Its about my project for Turning Red


It’s about my project for Turning Red

 When I first saw Turning Red movie, I thought it would be a family, comedy, and funny film, and it was a family, comedy, and funny film. It is about a 13 year old girl named Mei Mei Lee, who turning into a red panda when she gets any strong emotion. It’s about animals, boy bands, concerts, friendship, puberty, and helping each other out. My experience of viewing the film was awesome and mostly funny.

The plot of the movie was when Mei Mei turns into a red panda when she gets angry, stressed, excited, and any strong emotion. She has to control the panda in order to break the curse. It took place in Toronto, Canada and the time was April-May 2002. The main characters were Meilin Lee, Ming Lee, Jin Lee, Mei Mei’s friends and the bully Tyler. The story is about a smart girl named Mei Mei who helps her mother at the temple, but one day a cursed happens, and Mei Mei turns into a red panda. In order to remove the curse, Mei Mei had to focus on many challenges on the way.

Rosalie Chang is Meilin Lee, The main character and she is a 13 year old girl who lives in Toronto, Canada. She turns into a red panda when she gets upset, or excited, or mad. She learns to control the panda when she is calm.

Sandra Oh is Ming Lee, She is the overprotective mother of Meilin Lee. She doesn’t like boys because she cares about her daughter.

Orion Lee is Jin Lee, he is a calm and kind-hearted father.

Ava Morse is Miriam Wexler, She is Meilin’s best friend and she is a tomboy.

Jordan Fisher is Robaire, he is part of 4-Town.

I liked about the movie when it was a teenager girl goes to a boy band concert and friendship helps each other out. I didn’t like the strong emotion of animals in this film. The movie did well with the animation, the angles, the music, the characters, the background, and the lighting was good. 

I learned that friendship and family is the most important thing in the world. I learned that they use teamwork to help each other out. I think the others would learn about it because they should enjoy the movie that is good and it is a family comedy movie.

My friends like Kate Byrd, Maddie Spicer, Mr. Krake, Maggie, and the whole class. I would recommend it to my friends. I would not recommend it to some people because they would not know what this movie is about. The MPAA rating of this movie is PG. My final word on this film is good.

My friend lily told me that Turning Red would be a good movie for turning people around to watch the movie.

I give this movie an A+ and **** out of ***** stars (4 out of 5). And thumbs up, literally every good rating.

My recommendation for this movie is that my friends and my family should watch this funny and family movie. The reader should give good reviews and good feedback. I think a Disney Movie might work. At the theaters or school. I don’t think there is a sequel. Yes, they need to watch it before the awards show.