“Abduction” arrives action packed, abducts the audience into awe

The day Nathan Harper, played by Taylor Lautner, found out he was registered on a missing child website his life turned completely upside down. Harper rebelled against his so-called parents in attempt to find his real ones. Karen Murphy, played by Lilly Collins, the girl across the street is his source of support. Forced to join him on his journey, they look for direction from Dr. Bennet, played by Sigourney Weaver his therapist. She lays down the information they need for their escape plan. They are afraid that they will be killed by people who want information from them. One police officer named Frank Burton played by Alfred Molina, keeps finding a way to contact Nathan and Karen even as they keep running away from him.

“Abduction” has a really fast pace. This kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and wondering what would happen next. Lautner, in my opinion, did very well. Going through a lot of changes, including heartbreaking moments where he had to break down and cry. His tears were definitely believable.

The romance was set out pretty well. There were many times where Nathan and Karen mentioned their past together. They had liked each other since eighth grade and now they are finally together. In my opinion that is more realistic than how most romance movies are. Instead of having the usual plotline of having a boy and a girl hook up a day after meeting, this story is different. I think that if two people have known each other for a long time, it creates a deeper relationship.

The only problem I found with the movie is that it was a little confusing at times. Since everything happened so fast it was sometimes hard to grasp everything at once.
I would rate this movie a four out of five stars because it has things in it that everyone would like. It has action and romance wrapped up in one, which you don’t find very often.  There were fight scenes that kept me interested. The relationship between Nathan and Karen made it even more interesting. What happens? Find out when you watch the movie.