Halo 4: The epic video game saga is making a comeback for the next decade

  Halo 4: The epic video game saga is making a comeback for the next decade

A video game title that has been around for over a decade, “Halo” is a multiplayer first person shooter that in 2007 released Halo 3. This game shocked the fans by ending the video game’s trilogy after almost seven years. After five years and a few other games, a new video game was released which was the start of a new trilogy for Halo. “Halo 4” is the latest game in the Halo franchise.

“Halo 4” is the start of a new storyline in the campaign and the continuing saga of the most acclaimed character in the “Halo” series, Master Chief. This game follows the Master Chief four years after he was stranded in space on a broken United Nations Space Command frigate with his artificial intelligence companion Cortana.

The Campaign follows Master Chief as he reestablishes old rivalries with the Covenant and discovers a new Forerunner enemy, all while desperately trying to save Cortana from going rampant. This unexpected shift in the storyline was very compelling, and it not only introduced new villains, but also new allies.

The campaign was fun but “Halo 4” has so much more to offer including a wide array of multiplayer entertainment. The multiplayer or Halo Infinity follows your personalized character in different features of the game. War Games is what the regular online multiplayer is called, in it, you face off against other spartans in a number of challenges.

Spartan Ops is a new feature that is a revamp of the old Firefight mode. Now, instead of fighting waves of the Covenant until you eventually die, you go on missions that come out every week and complete objectives while fighting against the covenant and the Prometheans.

This was an amazing game. It’s a bit sad that  Halo is no longer with it’s original developer Bungie, who after creating many games for the franchise decided to let a new company create the new trilogy. 343 Industries worked with Bungie for many years and even though they didn’t create the original game they are making sure “Halo 4” lives up to expectations.

The campaign was so much fun. It felt good to be back playing Master Chief with new armor and new weapons. The multiplayer is phenomenal. The new Spartan Ops mode is like a second Campaign. The only thing that was disappointing was the lack of more multiplayer playlists in War games. That might not matter though because knowing how much 343 Industries is involved with its fans they will continue tweak the multiplayer experience.

This game is an A+ because its combined features of the old Halo the fans have come to know and love and the new features from the new developer who show they know what they are doing. It was so much fun to play and would give anyone has the game many hours of entertainment. “Halo 4”costs $59.99 at most retailers including Best Buy or Fred Meyer. If you are a fan of the old trilogy or want to see what’s in store for the new one, I recommend you buy a copy of Halo 4 today.