Jacob Humphrey

Jacob Humphrey, Reporter

He never planned on being in journalism, but Jacob Humphrey, freshman, aspires to be one of the most valuable writers. Always having a passion for writing, he has continually enjoyed his English and Language Arts classes, especially the opinion and narrative aspects.

“I like to write short stories because they are more imaginative, as well as reviews because that lets me experience something and let other people know how I felt about it,” Humphrey said. Often writing on his own, Humphrey has conjured up stories such as one of an octopus ending up lost on a train. He normally spends about half an hour at home out a piece.

For as much time as he spends writing fantasy stories, he is equally involved in online video games. “Chilling with friends in his room,” he can spend up to five hours killing the militia in “Call of Duty: Black Operations Modern Warfare 2.”

On top of this, when Humphrey isn’t focused on his favorite novel, “Into Thin Air,” or listening to his favorite band, “My Chemical Romance,” he will probably be found deep into his studies. With a goal of earning all As for the year, Humphrey won’t be rock climbing at the Portland Rock Gym as much as in the past, though he still plans on attending when he can.

Throughout the year, he will be involved in numerous other co-curricular activities including in the theatre and drama department, acting as a backstage techie for multiple productions. Humphrey, with his love of writing, has found journalism to be a happy accident.

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Jacob Humphrey