Latest Netflix Surprise – Stranger Things Season Two

It’s back: “Stranger Things” season two is out on Netflix and it delivers a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Fans go through a mixture of feelings during the hours and hours they spend binge watching this show: Confusion, excitement, sadness, and more.

This show is fairly new. The first season premiered in July of 2016, and people have been waiting over an entire year for the second season to come out.

“Stranger Things” is a Netflix drama that takes place in a small Indiana town in 1983.

A group of kids, Will played by Noah Schnapp, Dustin played by Gaten Matarazzo, Mike played by Finn Wolfhard, and Lucas played by Caleb McLaughlin, hang out everyday before and after school.

One day, Will goes completely missing, and not a single person can find him.

His mom Joyce, played by Winona Ryder, and the rest of the gang is doing whatever it takes to find him.

They meet someone named Eleven played by Millie Brown, who that they’ve never seen in their small town.

Then, everything changes. You have to watch season one to see what happens next.

Season two is great. It’s full of hints, events and unexpected.

The first couple of episodes show the lives of the people including Will after he was found. Then, between episodes three and four strange things start to happen to Will and his friends. 

The acting is amazing. All of the characters act in a way that makes you feel the emotions they feel. Season two is better than season one, since there is more that is revealed.

Netflix claims that there is a season three on the way but the date has not been released yet.

Anybody who loves mystery and drama, this show is perfect for you.