Making music

Frustration, creativity and pure love characterize the music scene blossoming in the community.

“It’s great to be where so many creative things are going on around you,” Rhys Phillips, junior, said. “It doesn’t make it competitive, but there’s a sense of trying to get more people to listen to your stuff, so there does arise a sense of me versus them.”

That sense of competition is one of the many driving forces of the music scene here.  And according to Andrew Wright, senior, “it makes us more creative, and forces us to be different.”

Releasing music can be tough and very mentally taxing if you aren’t prepared.

“It’s definitely not easy,” Wright said,  “99 percent of the stuff you make can end up being shit, but it’s that one song every once in a while that feels so rewarding by the end.”

“There have definitely been times when I’ve wanted to quit,” Phillips said, “It’s something that happens to every musician, but you gotta keep fighting for it.”

One of the strengths of music here is just how varied and creative everything is. Phillips describes his music as “mostly slow piano ballads, but with some R&B in there.” While Wright, on the other hand, describes his as “electronic with a bit of indie rock”.  

There is something there for everyone who is interested in finding it; it’s not just Wright and Phillips who are making music.  Everywhere, you can find people who are extremely passionate about the art they create.