Judge walks off stage after unmasking Rudy Giuliani


On Wednesday April 20, “The Masked Singer” contestant, Jack-In-The-Box was unmasked and was revealed to be Republican politician, Rudy Giuliani. The panel was shocked at one of the most unpredicted reveals in The Masked Singer history. One of the judges, Ken Jeong, stormed off the stage angrily and protested Jack-In-The-Box.

“I’m done,” said Jeong. 

The most dramatic moment from this season of “The Masked Singer” has finally played out … as Rudy Giuliani was revealed as a contestant, causing one judge to walk off set. Controversy hit “The Masked Singer” as Rudy Giuliani was revealed as the Jack-In-The-Box on Wednesday in the Fox singing competition’s latest contestant departure, and one judge in particular was clearly displeased.

I was shocked that the Jack-In-The-Box was Rudy Giuliani. I think anyone who saw this episode of the Masked Singer, will be on the news and on google searches. Jeong could be seen with his arms crossed and a straight face as Giuliani spoke. After Giuliani started to sing his goodbye performance, Jeong could be heard saying, “I’m done,” and walked off-stage as Giuliani continued his rendition of George Thorogood and the Destroyers’ “Bad to the Bone.”

But some fans felt that didn’t excuse Jeong from appearing on such a lousy show, saying, “I think it was good of Ken Jeong to walk off “The Masked Singer” because of Rudy Giuliani, but this does not in any way excuse Ken Jeong for being involved with “The Masked Singer.” Rudy was doing the Masked Singer for his newborn granddaughter. It was complete chaos during his unmasking of the entire news article. The good news was that Ken Jeong returned the week after the unmasking of Rudy Giuliani.