A burger that makes you go WOW

With increasing rent prices and the competitive edge of long established businesses, opening a successful restaurant in West Linn has become more and more difficult in recent years. One area in particular that has demonstrated the difficulty of maintaining a new business is the surrounding area of the Robinwood Shopping Center, located just off Willamette Falls drive. One section of this shopping center has found difficulty in past years keeping a business afloat, the most recent non viable business being Frack Burger, a local chain that was attempting to branch out. Several months ago construction began at the vacant space and signs were hung saying “WOW Burger”. Upon a further Internet inspection it was revealed that WOW Burger was yet another local burger chain looking to expand. This clearly raised a question of whether this restaurant would actually stand the stresses and expenses of an ever expanding community.


Once WOW Burger finally prepared to open I was invited to a soft opening by a school colleague who had just been hired to work the restaurant’s grill. Originally I was apprehensive with the track record of the building Wow Burger was located in, but upon arrival the restaurant offered a friendly atmosphere with a classic burger stand vibe. The employees were pleasant and the manager was involved with every process that was happening. The atmosphere of WOW Burger seems overall more welcoming and friendly than its predecessor Frack Burger. The prices are also significantly lower than what Frack Burger offered, with sandwiches being around 8$ and sides costing about 3$. The only clear drawback to the restaurant’s atmosphere is how stark the eat in dining area is. Nothing is hung on the seating area is lacking of the classic american diner style booths that are a staple in a burger stand type of restaurant. The soft drink machine is also placed awkwardly causing confusion when one goes to get a refill.


That said, WOW Burger’s service is excellent, and they have also begun to support local students with entry level position on their staff. Bobby Gowdy, senior, has worked there for just over a month.


“I usually work the fryer,” Gowdy said “it burns the hair off your arms sometimes but once you get used to the heat it’s a great job. They even pay me over minimum.”


Along with supporting local students, WOW burger also offers a plethora of Gluten free options to customers. This is convenient for people like Dylan Mueller, a Senior who has a preliminary form of Celiac Disease.


“It’s nice to have a place in the neighborhood that gives you some options with stuff like that.” Mueller said “Whenever I’m having a day where Gluten makes me sick I’ll probably go grab a burger there for lunch.”


WOW Burger is now also offering a lunch special for students who show their school ID. The special consists of a cheeseburger, an order of fries, and large soft drink for $7.77. This special runs on weekdays from 11am to 3pm.
Overall, wow burger is worth a try for any student looking for a place offering fresh food at an affordable rate. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend dining in, but for a takeout burger, WOW’s can hold its own when compared the likes of Five Guys or Mike’s Drive-In.