Sincerely, Amber (Advice Column Vol. 3)

Our advice columnist tackles questions from school to the afterlife.

Art done by Kimi (@sun.vitamin) on Instagram

Does the school have any robots? Sincerely, Curious
– Dear Curious,
We do have robots! The robotics team in Mr. Manes’ room has lots of robots that they’ve built themselves. You should check out the robotics team or possibly stop by to see some of them in action.

Sincerely, Amber Leigh

How does one get a better work ethic? Sincerely, Procrastinator
– Dear Procrastinator
There’s one thing I swear by, and that’s a planner. I make my planner (called a bullet journal) where I get to design all the spreads for each month. It gets me excited about planning, but it gives me a place to write down all my events and homework. Even if you aren’t into drawing a whole planner yourself (I’m a bit crazy like that) you can always go out and get a simple planner from a place like Target or Staples. Use it as a way to keep track of homework. Or, if you know you won’t use a planner, use your phone! The reminder app is fantastic, and I use it for everything. When you got a homework assignment or test, put it in the reminder app and set a time reminder. By establishing a timely reminder, it will buzz you when it’s time to crack open the books.
Additionally, stay organized. Have separate folders, binders, etc. for each subject. Try to avoid just shoving all loose paper in one area– you’ll lose it at some point.

Sincerely, Amber Leigh


Is there an afterlife?

– Dear Questioning,
By default, I’m an Agnostic. I have no idea about an afterlife, but I would like to hope there is one. It would be calming to know there’s a place where you can be at peace. If there’s an afterlife, who knows if it’s going to be like “the Good Place” or like our picturesque idea of heaven? I can’t say if there is or not. Some people who have had near death experience will say there is, others say there’s not. I like to believe that whatever your belief is– that’s what death is. If you’re a Christian who believes in Heaven, that’s where you’ll end up. If you’re an Atheist, who finds the concept of religion ridiculous when you die it all goes dark. If you’re Hindu and believe in reincarnation and the power of karma, you’ll probably live again. I can’t say any of this is true, but I don’t know it’s not either. The reality is, I have no idea. The truth is, we don’t know what happens to us when we die, so focus on the life we have now because it’s one thing we can be sure is true.

Sincerely, Amber Leigh