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Amplifier is older than…


Amplifier has grown to be a long lived tradition of West Linn High School over the decades. This year, Amplifier will be celebrating its 90th anniversary. Being around so long, the Amplifier has lived through some significant events, other than the extinction of typewriters and old-school printing presses. There are many things the Amplifier is older than.

Just to name a few…

Amplifier is older than…

  • Prohibition (1922)
  • Reader’s Digest (1922)
  • Lincoln Memorial (1922)
  • Insulin first starts being used (1922)
  • Time Magazine (1923)
  • The first Walt Disney cartoon (1924)
  • International Business machines Corp. (IBM) (1924)
  • The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (1924)
  • Hitler’s Book, Mein Kampf (1925)
  • NBC (1926)
  • Big Bang Theory (1927)
  • The BBC (1927)
  • First cartoons with sound (1928)
  • Penicillin (1928)
  • Television introduced to homes (1929)
  • The Academy Awards (1929)
  • Valentine’s Day Massacre (1929)
  • The Nazi Party (1922)
  • Color Movies (1929)
  • The invention of Twinkies (1930)
  • The star spangled banner becoming the official national anthem of the U.S. (1931)
  • The Empire State building (1931)
  • The first split atom (1932)
  • The first Atlantic flight by a woman, Amelia Earhart (1932)
  • Radio City Music Hall (1932)
  • FM Radio (1933)
  • The FCC (1934)
  • Nylon Fabric (1935)
  • Radar detection (1935)
  • Gone With the Wind book and movie (1936, 1939)
  • Electric Guitars (1936)
  • Helicopter Flight (1936)
  • First full length Disney movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937)
  • Golden Gate Bridge (1937)
  • The Ballpoint Pen (1938)
  • WWII (1939)
  • Wizard of Oz (1939)
  • The Holocaust (1940)
  • McDonald’s (1940)
  • Napalm (1942)
  • The United Nations (1942)
  • The establishment of woman’s military services (1942)
  • Casablanca (1942)
  • The Pentagon (1943)
  • Israel (1948)
  • Singin’ in the Rain (1952)
  • The first American space flight (1962)
  • The first landing on the moon (1969)
  • Woodstock (1969)

The Amplifier has come a long way in its 90 years: from typewriters to computers; print to online. Check out the Amplifier Facebook and Twitter pages and to stay up-to-date on everything going on at WLHS, visit

Facebook: West Linn Amplifier

Twitter: @wlhsamplifier

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About the Contributor
Sam Cook, Reporter
Sam, sophomore, is new to the Amplifier staff this year. He aspires to take pictures and work on film this year. Sam has experience in film as he took a class on it last year. He is also hoping to improve his writing skills this year. Not only is Sam academically well-versed, but he is also very sports oriented. In his spare time, he loves to play sports, which he ends up doing a large amount of time outside of school. He has played basketball since first grade, lacrosse since second grade and football since third grade. On top of his obsession with athletics, Sam also has a passion for food. His favorite food of all time is pepperoni and bacon pizza. Over the summer, the most exciting thing that Sam did was drive to Iowa with his family, where his mother’s fiancé lives. On this road trip, they drive through a whopping twelve states. One main landmark that they visited was Yellowstone National Park. Sam enjoyed himself here, but later found out that he had narrowly escaped danger, as a bear attacked a group of people the day after he left Yellowstone. After visiting other monuments and landmarks like Mt. Rushmore, and Crazy Horse, Sam and his family had driven a total of about 4,000 miles.
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  • A

    Arun G
    Oct 19, 2011 at 9:23 am

    lol priya

  • P

    Priya B.
    Oct 17, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    The invention of Twinkies :)Obviously the most important out of all of them.

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Amplifier is older than…