New bell, new sound, new objectives

West Linn high schools bell was replaced because of old age

As students poured into the school after Spring Break, many of them immediately noticed a change when the first bell rang. Instead of the simple bell that rang twice, it had been replaced. This one rang three times, and many people were confused, including the teachers. This bell had some students groaning when teachers started class a few minutes early on accident.

“This bell is literally the worst thing ever,” Kyra Beaman, sophomore, said. “It’s annoying and confusing.”

According to Mark Horak, assistant principal, the old bell system was old and outdated and needed to be replaced.

As for what each bell means: in the morning there is a six minute bell called the pre-warning bell, the next bell is the two minute bell, and the last bell is the bell that indicates the start of class. After first period there is a bell that releases students from class, a two-minute warning, and the start of class bell.

In spite of many hate comments about the new bell there are still students out there who like the new bell.

“I like the new bell, it makes me feel happy,” Tristan Rath, senior, said.

Students flood the hallways at the sound of the bell. During Spring Break the bell system was replaced because it had become outdated.