Daria Ruediger, Staff Reporter

Towering an impressive height of 6’2, it takes little effort to imagine Daria Ruediger, sophomore, dominating the basketball court. As a forward and center for the Varsity basketball team, Ruediger has been scoring big on the court since freshman year.

“I play basketball because it takes everything away. If I’m mad at something I channel the energy towards my game and everything disappears,” Ruediger said. She plans on taking her love for the sport  and translating it into a scholarship. With letters of interest already coming in, she is well on her way to making that dream a reality.

When she isn't perfecting her skills on the court, Ruediger is busy taking care of her family's farm. With horses to feed and turn-out to pasture, her free time is virtually nonexistent.

“I love all the animals. It’s a breeding facility and every year we have babies and that’s always fun. Watching the foals grow up and seeing the amazing talents they have is awesome,” Ruediger said. Her animal-centered upbringing has encouraged her to pursue becoming a veterinarian in the future.

In the meantime, Ruediger is exploring her love of writing through Amplifier. From covering the latest in sports, to the philanthropic efforts of her fellow students, or reviewing a school play, she’s excited that she has found an outlet for her passion.

Whether it be basketball or her potential career, Ruediger is nowhere near ready to just sit back and wait for it to happen, and she plans on working to make sure every one of her goals is accomplished.

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Daria Ruediger