Brittany Park

Steve Schramm, math teacher, instructs his second period Advanced Algebra class. Schramm will be transferring to Wilsonville High School this fall in order to be closer to his family.

Colorful M&M’s placed on students’ desks is just another trick Steve Schramm, math teacher, is known to employ in order to encourage students to learn math. After 11 years at West Linn High School, Schramm is transferring to Wilsonville High School to be near his family.

“Wilsonville’s principal Aaron Downs, had finally convinced me to join him, and now that Mr. (Lou) Bailey has decided to leave, I thought it’s a good time to go,” he said.

Schramm hopes to continue to learn new things by teaching at Wilsonville.

“I’m excited for this new teaching opportunity, and to be around the community where my family is,” he said.

Schramm has been a part of many events at West Linn, including the fires and the aftermath of the accidents involving West Linn students. Those such incidents have brought students and faculty together, creating the bond of West Linn Strong according to Kyra Beaman, sophomore.

“One of my favorite things about this school is how the students rallied after some of our students died; how everyone came together,” Schramm said.

With Schramm leaving, many students are sad that he will no longer be teaching at West Linn.

“Having Mr. Schramm is really interesting,” Claire Massaro, senior, said, “His teaching style is really different. The class is laid back and it’s a great, positive atmosphere to learn in.”