“You Move Me”-Snow Daze

Snow Daze

You Move Me-Snow Daze

Learn how the snow daze moves your imagination with this original poem by Emily Williams



You move me like that moment when the sun touches the tip of the horizon at the beach.

You move me like driving down the highway with the windows down,

Music blasting,

Laughter ringing in my ear,

Feeling more alive than ever.

You move me like Harry Potter,

Giving me a safe place when I had none.

Like mamma mia,

With that feeling of endless possibility when we’re together.

Like I’ve never been more human,

More real.

You move me like Taylor Swift, Chase Atlantic, and even Doja Cat.

Like Anne Hathaway, Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler.

Never failing to make me laugh and smile.

You move me like opening presents on Christmas morning,

Never knowing what to expect.

Like that moment when you’re learning how to ride a bike and are about to fall, but someone catches you, keeps you from falling.

This is how you move me.

Because I am insecure about everything.

And you know it.

And you know how to take that shame away.

Because I pretend I’m always strong,

And you can see through that and let me know it’s okay to not be okay.

Because my mood changes with the music, and you use that to cheer me up.

Because you know when I wanna talk or when I just wanna forget.

You see me and you know me and you never leave me.

You remind me I am loved because

I am sensitive.

I overthink.

I create problems that aren’t there,

I wonder if I am good enough.

And you calm those fears.

You move me like watching Barbie at 7 years old, when my biggest dream was to be a princess and live happily ever after.

When I thought the world would always be kind to me.

You were there when it wasn’t.

You helped me stand back up whenever I got knocked down.

Like waves crashing against my legs and wind whipping past me in the fall months,

You move me.