All Around Us-Hello Spring

Hello Spring


All Around Us-original poetry by Kai Nutter

All Around Us
By Kai Nutter

Wade through bushes past our knees,
Adventure is everywhere.
The sun’s blocked out by the trees,
Yet we still imagine it lighting the way as we explore.
We find a hollow in a tree,
Could there be something inside?
Of course! Why, there could be a snake,
Twisting and turning every which way.
No problem, we would tame it,
Travel around the world,
Showing the beast to crowds,
In awe of our bravery.
It could be a hive of bees,
Of course we’d have to flee,
But to run for our lives,
What could be more freeing?
Fear and excitement fill our lungs,
As you can tell though our breathing,
Heavy, with an accompanied ringing in our ears.
We can’t stand it any longer,
We peer inside,
It is empty.