Brain Rain-Return of Happiness



Brain Rain-original photography by Kaelin Kehm

Brain Rain
by Theo Morganson


My mind is pretty bright
a click-click sunbright glaring white light
it’s just part of Me being
but there is a thing satisfying
to suddenly realizing
that You can things another can’t
and do many things others simply shant
and while You are just beginning to feel the breeze
a slight tug that the neurons please
the windblast has knocked some of the others off their knees


My wits are not My full self
they are in their own way, unique
they are not even Me, per se
just a lens, maybe a skill
(that doesn’t make it any easier to pick up this virtual quill)
Math and Science and English too
I feel I get them through and through
right now I’m in the learning phase
a small sapling heading for bigger days
soon I will breach the forest
and feel the sunshine’s raging torrents
My mind is as fast as the whip that is cracking
the neurons, the neurons, the neurons are snapping
I think smart means learning fast
and that does not matter but in the right happenstance
for it is the world We live in
the people We live in it with
that make learning a thing worth doing
a primal act of discovery
the ah-ha awe of something new
until Your mind contains a whole zoo
of facts and skills and while You’re at it
a mind to go and help sort it
and explore
understand the voids
there is quite a bit that I don’t quite get
but with a little bit of wit
I think that I can find
upon a time
happiness and peace of mind


for this wonderful world in which We live
the birds, the mountains, the forest and its trees
it can kind of bow You to Your knees?
and though I am small
an ant compared to the skies so tall


I think that I can help a pocket
of specks on a spinning ball
live in a world a little bit better
and that is enough