Light in the Darkness-Return of Happiness



Light in the Darkness-original artwork by Kaelin Kehm

Light in the Darkness


Jane was a twelve year old homeless girl that lived on Waffle Street in New York, New York. She always wore a snug white beanie with her pixie cut hair. She dressed like a five year old, wearing shirts that said “LOVE” and that had sparkly hearts that changed colors. She had been wearing the same clothes for three years, ever since her parents died. The sparkly heart shirt had been given to her at her last orphanage, where she managed to jump out of a two-story window, escaping in order to explore the outside world.

One glamorous autumn day Jane was walking along her own street, as she saw a great pile of leaves twenty feet ahead of her. She instantly knew that jumping in those leaves would become the highlight of her day. Jane sprinted to the pile of joy, finding herself to slip into a great hole of darkness. Ten seconds after her jump, she found herself landing on something soft and jiggly. She managed to blink her eyes open to a single white light shining towards a door. This oak opening had writing engraved, which said “Not a Secret”. Jane’s curiosity sprung as she made her way over to the door, jiggling the doorknob to see if it was open. She opened the door into more darkness, as she looked down into nothing.

“Hello?” she asked the darkness.

No response.

She looked around to find herself looking at another light, but this light was deep at the bottom of the darkness. Jane realized that she had no escape. She stepped into thin air, screaming until she hit the light.